Friday, April 29, 2011

24 Days and Counting...

It's about 10:45 pm as I'm writing this post (getting sidetracked from editing my book).  I've got about 24 days left before publishing and even though I'm super exciting about it, I'm also extremely nervous...but who wouldn't be, right?  I think for me, editing is the hard part about writing.  I need a new set of eyes because I feel like I'm reading through the words and not catching the mistakes.  If only editors were affordable..or perhaps if I knew someone.  My high school English teacher, for example, would be perfect!  I always enjoyed her class and we did a lot of projects with creative writing.  But instead, I'm on my own, editing and re-editing what I can and hoping for the best.  I'm thankful that I have a talented cover artist who will be designing the cover of my book so that is one less thing to worry about (I'll post a picture once it's complete).

On a random topic, I'm going to watch Fast Five (The Fifth of the Fast and the Furious movies) with my fambam tomorrow morning.  Maybe I'll give a review about that and post it on my next entry.  For now, I'm continuing my voyage with colorful highlighters, Arizona Green Tea and pages left to edit. 

Stay tuned!

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