Friday, June 3, 2011

An Excerpt from Reborn

A passage from my book: Reborn (A Goddess of Night Novella: Book One)
Copyright by Ley Mesina

The sound of light footsteps approaching from the opposite direction of the party alerted Sloane and she snapped back into reality. The person was alone. Sloane remained seated, bowing her head as she cupped her face, releasing soft sobs. She used this trick every time, knowing that someone was bound to approach her with sincere concern and ask if she needed some assistance. She could smell the sweet scent of blood and knew her prey was behind her. She felt a light hand touch her shoulder and she quickly grabbed it, twisting her victims arm. Sloane placed her free hand over the victim’s mouth to prevent her from screaming.
“This will only hurt a little.” Sloan whispered, tilting the woman’s head to the side, exposing her neck. 
The woman’s veins throbbed and the beat of her pulse echoed in Sloane’s ears. Her mouth watered and she sank her teeth deeply, puncturing two holes into her victim’s neck. The blood gushed through, filling her mouth and pleasing her appetite. The victim’s muffled screams were barely heard and she tried to break free, squirming as the blood was draining her. Sloane drank generously and she could feel the body getting weak. The woman no longer struggled, but she still held on her tightly as a precaution. She could hear footsteps approaching and feeling disappointed that she couldn’t finish feeding, she released her hold and let the body fall to the ground as she sped off, hiding in the distance. Seconds later, she heard the screams of people, knowing that they have found the woman’s body. She smiled as she wiped the blood that dripped from her lips and watched as a crowd began to form while the ambulance took the body away before she went back to the cabin.

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