Saturday, June 11, 2011

Honest People Exist?...Yes!

I read an article on Yahoo today about a man who found $17,000 in cash on the sidewalk...and yes...he turned it in!  It got me thinking about how many honest people there are in the world these days and are we one of them?

If, let's say you saw a dollar on the sidewalk, would you turn it in?  Yes? Maybe? Probably not?  I'll be honest, if I saw a dollar on the sidewalk, I wouldn't even pick it up...and that's true if I saw $17 grand on the sidewalk.  Maybe because in the back of my mind I think I'm being videotaped and as soon as I pick it up someone's gonna jump out with their camera crew and say "Gotcha!"(I either watch too much TV or I'm just being paranoid, call it what you will).

Back to the point...Many people find this article hard to believe - finding a load of cash and giving it back?  Absurd, ridiculous, unheard of!  Just kidding.  I honestly don't find it surprising, but then again, I am the kind of person that sees the bright side of situations and I see the good in people - but I'm also a big believer of Karma.

I think at first thought, people do think it's jaw-dropping because we are, after all, talking about money.  But if you take a moment to think about it...I mean really think about...would you have taken the risk?  Some of you say yes and some of you say no.  Whatever it may aware that there's a high chance someone is watching with a camera phone in hand...and in the slim chance their not...well...what can I say?  Karma's a bitch. Just a thought.

- Click here to read the article "Chicago-Area Man Returns Bag With $17K In Cash" on Yahoo!

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