Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Museum Tuesday Week #3

This week on Museum Tuesday, we hit up the Air and Space Museum, which I have to say is Awesome! They had a great display of planes...but I felt they lacked the "space" part.  I think there was a special exhibit specifically for that purpose, but you had to pay for admission (for those who are just tuning in - Tuesday's where I live is free admission to certain Museum's, so you can see why the special exhibit wasn't a huge deal for me and the kiddo's).  We also visited the Automotive Museum.  Here's some pictures you can enjoy:

 Air and Space Museum:

Automotive Museum:

 You Guessed it! The Back to the Future car!
Can you spot the shower?

Just a heads up: I will probably post one more time before the Freedom Giveaway Hop on July 1st.  After that I will not be posting anything new until July 7th.  This will post-pone the Museum Tuesday I have set up next week, but no worries, Museum Tuesday will resume the following week after the giveaway. 

Have a wonderful week!
P.S. Pretty Little Liars is on tonight, can't wait.

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