Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Writing Playlist

I have to admit, there are moments when I write where I need complete silence - especially when I've been distracted...but most of the time...I have to have music playing in the background to set me in the mood. Music plays an important role in my writing. It helps me relate to the situation and character I am writing about.

I thought I would compile a list of music I listened to while I wrote Reborn. My list is short because I tend to replay songs, especially when I'm writing a specific chapter.

  1. Staind - "Outside"
  2. Staind - "So Far Away"
  3. Bruno Mars - "Talking to the Moon"
  4. Within Temptation - "All I Need"
  5. Nirvana - In Bloom
  6. Alicia Keys - "Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart"
  7. The Get Up Kids - "Like a Man Possessed"

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