Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quick Post

Hi Everyone!
I just wanted to get a quick post in before I go on hiatus for a week.  Well not really. Since the Freedom Giveaway Hop is starting tomorrow, I won't be posting for the duration of the Giveaway - which is 7 days.  This will allow my readers to find the post easily so they can sign up and hop on to their next giveaway.  I will be posting the full description of the rules and guidelines this afternoon, but to participate (in my giveaway) it's really quite simple: You must follow my blog, meet the guidelines, and fill out the entry form...and ta-da, you've entered a chance to win a free copy of my e-book!  Once you're done, you just click on one of the many links below the entry form so you can hop to your next giveaway.  Pretty easy, right?  If it doesn't sound really is.  Plus, you get a chance to win stuff, so this is definitely the time to take advantage of it.

Well, since it's almost 3 A.M., I suppose I should get some sleep! Goodnight Blog-O-Sphere, and to many, Good Morning.

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