Friday, June 17, 2011

Two Pieces of News

Remember Bell-Bottom Jeans?
Wow. So I was cleaning out my closet and I realized that I have NO shorts for the summer. Instead, I found several bell-bottom jeans - all of which I haven't worn in years. My first instinct was to donate them as I usually do when I don't want my clothes anymore, but then I thought...why not recycle? I can save myself the cash and cut it to the length I want.  So I did! Now I saved a bundle and my husband should feel lucky!

Anyway, I just thought I'd share this random experience with you.  Hopefully it gives a few of you some ideas about what to do with those bell-bottom jeans you don't wear anymore.

So, on to a completely different topic...but exciting news as well:
I just received my first review on! When I first saw it, I was literally jumping up and down just because I know that someone had actually read my book.  It was a big moment in my writing career.  I feel like I should frame it or put it in a scrapbook or something.

I know, I know, there will be people who will love it, hate it, or be on the fence about my writing...but I definitely appreciate all of the reviews whether it's positive or negative. Feedback is important because it will help me grow as a writer.

Hmmm...I know that this post seems a bit random as these two topics don't go together...BUT they both have something in common: Excitement. I'm completely thrilled that I saved money on a new wardrobe + Getting my first review. My weekend is off to a great start!

Hope you all have a great Father's Day Weekend!
Check out my review on Amazon here

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