Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mid July Updates!

Hi Everyone!
It's been a busy couple of days! I am continuing my work with my second novella in the Goddess of Night series and I am still trying to market and promote Reborn as much as possible. I've got a few new reviews about Reborn that just came out over the last few days so be sure to check that out on my Reviews! page.

Also, I was contacted to review a book written by Lisa Jewell. Now, because I am extremely occupied with my own books, and the fact that I never really considered myself to be a book reviewer, I contemplated on doing the review. However, in the end I just couldn't say no to the opportunity and the book sounds amazing! Look for my Review coming up mid-September.

On that note, I am also participating in a Author Interview with Moonlight Gleams Bookshelf! Stay tuned and I'll keep you updated as to when my interview will be posted.

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Danai Kadzere said...

I'd love to review Reborn, if you still need any :)

I also have a recently self-published novel, 'Elsbett & Robin Take On A-Nasty-Sia' (available for purchase here: ).

If you know any young readers who might be interested, please let them know!

Ley Mesina said...

Sure! I'm happy to promote other self-publishers. Are you on twitter? I recent started participating in #FF.

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