Friday, September 9, 2011

First Football Game

So I went to my first pre-season Football game (the Chargers vs. the 49ers) and it was an experience I can cross off my bucket list. I think I was more confused as to what was going on. Every time people got up and cheered, I sat there completely clueless...thinking to myself, "Why are they Cheering? No one scored a touchdown." Obviously, I'm not a football fan so I don't know what all the excitement was about. My hubby; however, loves football and was cheering along with them.

But I guess in Football, every time someone fell or was brutally jumped or tackled by 7 of the biggest guys, it's a signal for fans to stand up and cheer! And I get it, I do! Because seriously - getting trampled on and surviving it really needs a round of applause.

Speaking of getting hurt, a fight almost broke loose in our aisle, because apparently you can't cheer for your team without offending the fans of the opposing team. It's like an unspoken rule. I mean, come on guys, whatever happened to friendly competition?

I remember contemplating what I was going to wear to the game (duh! I'm a girl). At first I was going to wear the San Diego colors because, well I live in San Diego, but I also lived in and love San Francisco, so I was undecided, but mostly because if I wear the wrong color, I might get jumped in the parking lot after the's that serious! I'm serious. I've heard horror stories about people getting attacked. So it doesn't help that when I think of a football game, I automatically think of the fights that's bound to happen.

Click HERE to read an article on WGN reported by Alex Dobuzinskis on August 21, 2011: Two shot, one attacked, at NFL pre-season game
These violent acts definitely get an Uncool stamp!

What was the highlight of the evening was when everyone started doing the wave. Have you ever noticed that when people do the wave, they do this "Whoooooooooo" sound too? [laughing]...I just find that funny. But in the stadium, the wave didn't just go around once, or twice...but seven times! Let me say that again - seven times.  And then there was that awkward 8th attempt, where everyone was kind of 'should we do it or should we not' state...but it didn't work and they eventually gave up too.

I think I paid more attention to the background noise than I did the game. There was just so much going on. I think I've come to the conclusion that football games are just not for me. Now if it was a Basketball game, that would be a different topic! I love basketball and if you were sitting next to me at a game, you would probably be absolutely annoyed, because I tend to be vocal and I'm probably not the most pleasant person to sit next to. People would be like, "Ley, your such an innocent looking girl, I can't believe the words that are coming out of your mouth!"  and I would be like, "If want me to be quiet, then sit next to me at a football game." I'm wasn't that bad. I did get to eat $6.00 Cracker Jacks.

I hope you enjoyed my post. Feel free to share your thoughts and leave a comment.

Here are some pictures from the game:

 Game Time!
Game Over.

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Dobuzinskis, A. (2011, August 21). Two shot, one attacked, at nfl pre-season game. Retrieved from

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