Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Day w/The Fambam

My family and I took a trip out to Julian, CA today (which is about an hour and a half away from where we live) for some of their famous pie. However, my daughter ended up throwing up in the car 10 minutes from arriving to our destination. It was the typical case of being car sick. Luckily there was a little market up ahead so we were able to clean up the mess, but it really made me nauseous the car ride home!

On the upside, it was a very beautiful day in California. Julian definitely has the best pie I've tasted - and I don't like pie - so that says a lot. We were able to grab a great lunch at the Fajita Grill and we made sure to rest our stomachs before heading home. There were some interesting trees on our drive back and I was able to take some pictures. I'm thinking of using it as the book cover in Book 2 of the Goddess of Night series.

Well...I just thought I would share this eventful day with you all. I've got some big plans for 2012 - so I'll be posting much more often! Stay tuned.

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