Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week!

It's Teacher Appreciation Week! So, of course, Haley and I came up with a few great ideas to give her teacher. We haven't finished everything, but here's what we have so far:

Monday - Fruit Day: Bring a fruit fave. 
Haley brought her teacher a Mango.

Tuesday - Sweet Day: Bring your teacher a little sweet gift (candy). 
Haley will give her teacher a sweet treat - Kit Kat! I put it in a special packaging. What do you think?
Wednesday - Flower Day and Purple Day

Thursday - Note From the Parents Day: A chance for the parents to write a few kind words to their child's teacher. We thought that this part would be hard to write because, of course, there is so much you want to say 'Thank You' for! We are also enclosing a gift card to Jamba Juice.

Friday - Relax Day: Bring something to help the teacher relax for the weekend.  
Look at this awesome package me and Haleykins put together! We bought the Wooden pots from Michaels, added some paint, and scrapbook paper. Filled the insides and placed scented candles in each pot which we bought from the store.

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