Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Overwhelmed in October

It's literally been a rough week! As much as I need and want to stay strong for my family, in the moments when I'm alone, I can't help but cry. Cry because I'm overwhelmed. Cry because I don't know what to do. Cry because of all the hard decisions I need to make and the sacrifices that go along with it.

Life isn't easy, I know, but after all the heartache and tough times I've been through in my life, I thought I'd finally reached a break. Those who know me well, know that I'm tough-skinned. That I try to remain strong and fearless. That I try to look at the bright side, the optimistic side, of things. I have never been one to regret anything that has happened because I feel like it's a learning experience. Learn from our mistakes so we can make them right. Learn from our disappointments. Learn from others. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if I'm thrown into these obstacles because of that, because after all, "everything happens for a reason..."

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