Monday, May 27, 2013

Upcoming Books for 2013!

Hi Everyone! I know that many of you are anxiously waiting for my third installment in my Goddess of Night series, but I took a brief hiatus from Vampires and Witches - for a good reason. I wanted to focus on the relationship book and children's book I've been working on. Both books will be released this year.

Relationship Book 
I know...I'm an Urban Fantasy writer, but as I've mentioned in earlier posts, I have many interests and would like to explore my writing skills. With my degree in Psychology, it was only natural for me to delve into the world of relationship and self-help therapy. This book will focus on handing breakups with straight-forward wit and humor!  

Children's Book 
My daughter was the inspiration of my upcoming series "Haleykins." She absolutely LOVES to read, so I wrote something special for her last year. After writing it, I decided that I should create a collection of illustrated books based on Haleykins and her adventures. Haleykins is a kid detective who likes to solve mysteries. The first book is a Halloween edition and will be released this year.  

Third Installment of the Goddess of Night Series 
Don't worry! Once I have finished and published these two books, I will definitely get back to writing the third book! I can't stay away from Lily, Xander, and the rest of my characters too long!

I'm excited for you all to read these books! If you are interested in writing a review for any of my books, please let me know! You can email me at

♥ Ley

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