Monday, December 29, 2014

Meet Binx

My family and I have been thinking about getting a pet for awhile - but due to me being allergic, it was definitely difficult to find just the right one.

We decided, that if we were to get a pet, we would adopt. There are so many animals in the shelter, that it only made sense. But before I got my kids hopes up in adopting our first pet, I had to go to the shelter first. I went to the shelter every day, I did my research to see which animal I wouldn't be allergic too. Then one day, I saw this 7 week old kitten. He was so small and scared. He wouldn't even come close to the gate, but there was something about him and I knew he was going to be the newest member of our family. I already knew what we were going to name him: Binx. 

Yes, Binx. Now if you don't know where the name Binx derives from, I strongly suggest watching the movie Hocus Pocus.

I immediately put my name in to adopt him and I was the first on the list! There was a waiting period and I had to come back on a certain day to official adopt Binx.

I still went to visit him everyday and brought the kids with me so that they can meet him.

The day of his adoption, we were thrilled and so excited. When we brought him home, he was so scared and stayed in the corner of the hallway until he finally warmed up to us. He began to explore his new surroundings and as he did, I noticed something unusual as he strutted around with his tail up - his butt was red. Me - being the overly paranoid person that I am, went on my computer and started doing research for a possible diagnosis. I ended up finding that he could have a prolapsed rectum.

Luckily, the shelter provided me with a list of local vets that do free exams within 5 days of adoption, so the next day I quickly called a list of places and was able to find one that was open and available to see Binx that day!

I rushed on my lunch break to take him to the vet and it was confirmed that he has a prolapsed rectum. The doctor stated that this isn't unusual and it's probably because he has parasites in him - which might have been inherited while his mother was pregnant. It is also caused by Binx straining while he uses the bathroom, so the vet gave us some medicine to give him and suggested we feed him wet food for a few days. The vet said that sometimes it corrects itself, so if it doesn't heal in a week or two, to bring Binx back to have him checked. He stated that it might result in surgery, which I hoped wouldn't lead to that. 

A few weeks went by and it just didn't seem like he was getting better, so we took Binx back to the Vet and scheduled him for surgery.

Though the surgery went well, a few weeks later, we noticed that his rectum still came out occasionally...the doctor said that he did what he could to preventing this from happening, but Binx might have to live with this condition for the rest of his life. He hoped that as Binx gets older, the issue would go away.

Well, Bink is about to turn 1 years old this week and I'm pleased to announce that he no longer has this issue! I am so happy that he is safe and healthy and is definitely loved. My family and I are completely blessed to have him in our life and I just wanted to share this blessing with you.

Here's some pictures of our awesome Cat, Binx!

 From the Shelter to HOME

 After Surgery

Binx - Present Day.

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