Sunday, January 3, 2016

Farm Life and Giraffes

Here's a random scenario/question. If someone gave you a farm, what would you have on it?

This sounds nothing like me because I am not a farm person. Mainly because I'm allergic to animals and I don't have much of a green thumb. However; let's say that these things were not an issue, I would probably have some goats, cows and chickens. Oh, and since this is my farm and I could put just about anything on it...I would also have a giraffe - maybe two so the one doesn't get lonely.

What would I do with them - I have no idea. I'm definitely not a killer of animals, so don't let your mind wander there! I guess the chickens could provide eggs, the goats - cheese, and the cows - milk. The giraffes? They are absolutely stunning creatures and would just be there to be there!

I would also grow some herbs and vegetables - however; I don't think I would want to grow any corn for two reasons: 1) Children of the Corn and 2) Signs.

Every time I watch a scary movie and their living out in the boonies, there is always a corn field and the protagonists are always running through them to hide from the killer. Do I want to look out my window from my farmhouse at night staring at this massive corn field -- not knowing who or what is staring back at me? No thank you!

Anyway, if you had a farm, what would you have on it? Would you have a corn field?

On other news updates, today is my last day of FREEDOM because starting Monday, I will be committed to finishing my script. My deadline: January 31st. Can it be done? Yes. Am I scared that it won't be? Yes!

I will keep you guys posted on my progress.

But for now...


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