Sunday, January 10, 2016

When You're Feeling Burnt Out

When you feel burnt out, what rejuvenates you? For me, it's trying to relax - which is very difficult for me to do. Even on my day off, I am always doing something. I just can't sit still. Maybe because I feel unproductive.

Many people I know would go to the spa and get a massage. While I love the concept of massages and because I am always tense, it seems like the most logical go-to remedy; however, I rarely go. I received a massage gift card two years ago and only recently used it. That experience was great, until the end, when the therapist did a Deep Tissue Massage, which was the most painful experience of my life! She dug into my skin with her elbow, and it didn't feel good at all. It literally brought me to tears. Hence to say, I will never get a deep tissue massage again.

So...since massages aren't my thing, I gear towards watching "feel good" movies. No, I'm not talking about Porn, I'm talking about movies that warm the heart, like The Holiday, because I just love that cast and location. It's definitely a go-to movie for me. Also, watching movies that inspire me or listening to songs that motivate me helps me with my writing.

What do you do when you feel burnt out?

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