Sunday, June 5, 2016

When Poop Gets You Down, Pick it Up and Throw it!

I'm awake! Unfortunately at 4am, but the upside is it's for a good reason. Kiddo is filming today, and while he gets ready, I can just lay here, sleepily, while I write. Because I, as his parent, can just roll out of bed, put my clothes on, and grab the things I already packed the night before while heading out the door. No need to look cute.

That doesn't mean I'm not exhausted, though, because I am. This weekend has been crazy. FRIDAY, I drove 45 minutes to take one exam, drove back home so I can make it in time to attend my youngest kiddo's award assembly, then drove an hour for kiddo's audition.  We ate dinner... then it happened. No, I'm not talking about poop, though the situation was another word for it. Our car overheated and we were stuck. Stuck in an unfamiliar neighborhood, in the dark. At night. Sirens wailing in the distance. Sketchy people walking by and staring as we pop open the hood. Did I mention it was dark?

After all said and done, it was time for AAA to rescue us. Thank goodness my oldest was around. I mean I love AAA, but when your tired and cranky, sitting in the tow forces light conversation and I wasn't in the mood. So my oldest took us home.
Didn't get home till 1am.

I woke up on Saturday, panicked. I had my second exam that afternoon, which of course was an hour away, and I didn't know if my car would be fixed on time. Uber would have cost $70 (one way), so, I decided to rent a car instead for a much cheaper price and made it to my second exam.

And here we are, Sunday morning, bright and early to film.

This week has definitely had its highs and lows, but I'm happy I overcame the lows because the highs were well worth it. Goes to show that if you really want things done, you need to make them happen and don't let these hurdles stop you!

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