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Whether or not they loved it, I really appreciate the time each of these reviewers have taken to read and write a review. Thanks to all of you!

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Reborn Reviews:
Reviews for Reborn on
Reviews for Reborn on

June 2011
I Heart YA Books 
Baffling, Bonkers, and Brilliant Books! 
Cup of Tea Reviews
Everything To Do With Books
Moirae (the fates) Book Reviews

July 2011
Midnight Reads
Raindrop Reflections
Books Complete me
Ink Scratchers
Steph: Short and Sweet
Black Nailed Reviews
Mint Tea and a Good Book
Books are Wonderful 
Review by Amanda Richards-Amazon Reviewer

August 2011
Missy Reads & Reviews
Musing of a YA Reader
Review by Grady Harp-Amazon Reviewer
Bookaholics Anonymous

September 2011
Books From a Shelf 
The Bucket List

October 2011
Moonlight Gleam's Bookshelf

August 2012
Writing, Stuff, and Nonsense

February 2013
Insane About Books 

June 2013
Book Reviews by Lynn 

Perdition Reviews:
Reviews for Perdition on
Reviews for Perdition on

May 2012
I Heart YA Books 

June 2012
Baffling, Bonkers, and Brilliant Books

July 2012
Been There, Read That

August 2012
Writing, Stuff, and Nonsense

October 2012
Amanda Richards (Top 500 Amazon Reviewer/Hall of Fame Reviewer)

July 2011
Moonlight Gleam's Bookshelf (Guest Post/Reborn)

August 2011
Reading Romance (Guest Post/Reborn)
Small Blogs, Big Giveaways (Interview/Reborn)

November 2011
ReaderGirls (Indie Author Spotlight)

May 2012
Black Nailed Reviews (Interview/Perdition)

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“It’s strong and deep story line including vampires, half-vampires,
half-witches, and witches, is very unique.”
-I Heart YA Books

“I LOVED reading this book! Mesina has given us a different view on vampires and witches.”
-Books Complete Me

“Reborn offers a wide range of readers a short, fast paced thriller.
Grab your garlic necklace and sink your teeth into Reborn!”
-Mint Tea and A Good Book

“This story has a lot to offer and I look forward to the next installments.”
-Moirae the Fates Book Reviews

“You will not be disappointed with the world Mesina has created!”
-Midnight Reads

“It’s very intriguing and unique.”
-Black Nailed Reviews

“It's perfect for the vampire/wizard lover!”
-Baffling, Bonkers, and Brilliant Books! Book Blog

“If you like vampires or witches, or are just looking for a fun read, that is quite quick but has quite a lot of action and excitement, then definitely try Reborn.”
-Everything To Do With Books

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